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our quality products are cured using traditional methods, pasSed from generation to generation OF the Jurcan family. 


Istra is a peninsula found off the northern coast line of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. Bordering with neighbouring Italy, a Southern European culture not only exists in lifestyle, but also in the class of food, especially quality meats. The curing and processing of these quality pork products date back to ancestors hundreds of years ago and have been continued up until the present time. 

These beautiful products produced by Istra Smallgoods include Prosciutto, Pancetta, Pečenica (Cured Loin), Cappocollo, Bresaola, Kulin, Air Dried Chorizo and Salami, just to name a few. Along with these fine quality traditional cured meats, Istra Smallgoods also specialises in top of the range Bacon, Continental Sausages, Chorizo’s, Hams using Western Plains Pork, Kaiserfleisch and many more delicious products all made from start to finish by Istra. 

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