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The Prosciutto goes through a timely but rewarding maturation process that eventually leads to one of the most beautifully tasting cured meats available. From a fresh pork leg to the final cured product, the time frame can vary from 12 months for the boneless Prosciutto and two years for the traditional on the bone Prosciutto. Prepared with a mixture of salts and herbs, the final product is enjoyed as is, but can also be used in many gourmet cooking recipes to give a European taste. 


The Capocollo is the cut that comes from the pigs’ neck. With a preparation that is similar to that of the Prosciutto, Capocollo has a distinctive taste to it which is unique in itself. The smooth taste of the pork is due to the marbled texture of the meat which gives the Capocollo that little something different in comparison to the Prosciutto. 


Coming from the belly of the pig, the Pancetta is another of the cuts of meat that is being used in cooking more widely. With a very distinctive taste, the air dried belly is produced by Istra in either the smoked or non-smoked form, with both delivering their own unique taste. 


The Pecenica is an air dried Pork Loin which has a saltier taste to it than the prosciutto & cappocollo due to its low fat content. And with a light smoke, it has its own distinctive taste. 


Produced from top quality Western Plains bred pigs, Istra Smallgoods Ham has its own distinctive taste that sets it apart from other hams. Delivering a European taste to the cooked meat, the fusion of aromatic ingredients gives the boneless ham a mouth-watering flavour, whilst at the same time, not over powering. Available in boneless and on the bone. 


The Chorizo comes in two different styles, with a hot and a mild flavoured Chorizo available. Moving away from the traditional tastes of Southern Europe to the Spanish, the Chorizo is perfect for cooking as it will give that dish that little something different and it won’t leave your taste buds disappointed. Available dried or fresh. 


Several variations are offered in the salami. The Hot salami has a beautiful hot paprika through it and also has that mild smoky taste, whereas the mild salami is delivered with a sweet paprika that gives it that taste of its own. The traditional Istrian salami has a combination of black pepper and garlic through it and has that undeniable taste of Istra within it. And new to our product range is the Chilli & Fennel Salami. 


Kulin is a traditional Croatian Salami, it is made in a natural beef bung and together with the slow drying process it helps deliver a stunning tasting Salami.  Kulin is available in four different variants: istrian, mild, hot and chilli & fennel.


With a distinguishing taste to it, Istra Smallgoods produces a mouth-watering bacon which will have you coming back for more. Unlike other bacons, Istra bacon is not an overly wet bacon, and when cooked also does not become too dry, which allows you to enjoy the fine taste of this bacon. Also available in a short cut rind less form.


Bacon from the belly of the pig, also known as streaky bacon. 




Available in various flavours including Hot paprika, sweet paprika (Mild), black pepper & garlic (Istrian), pork & fennel and a mild chorizo style. 

A northern Italian styled sausage. This traditionally rustic sausage is not your typical sausage due to its size and cooking time. Made using the pigs’ cheek, it has a remarkably tender texture and is extremely juicy and sticky. It has a sweet flavour and is beautiful for those cold winter meals. 


Made with 100% pork.  Our Kabana is flavoured with caraway and smoked with beechwood.



The hock is from the shin of the leg.  We use Western Plains Pork which is then brined and double smoked with beechwood.

Our version of the classic Kransky is made with 100% pork.  It is flavoured with garlic and spices then cooked and smoked.


Beef brisket is first brined then is slow cooked and smoked.  Our beef pastrami is rubbed with a blend of spices, resulting in a flavoursome cold cut.

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